Thermal Screening Solutions

The current need of the hour amid the on-going pandemic is to ensure the well-being and safety of each and every individual at all premises.

The current need of the hour amid the on-going pandemic is to ensure the well-being and safety of each and every individual at all premises.

Thermal Screening Solutions

Understanding the gravity of the current situation and the need to improve safety at the workplace and in any other public place, DG Business provides with the solution to detect any early signs of symptoms through Thermal Screening.

Needs for Thermal Screening Solutions

Installing thermal screening cameras is one of the first steps towards safe guarding the health of every individual along with containing the spread of any type of virus. With the help of thermal imaging, it is far convenient to screen and detect abnormal temperatures in a group of people travelling in vast numbers.

Thermal fever detection solutions range from handheld to fixed multi-camera systems which can record body temperature, and identify anyone displaying signs of fever, with real time alerts to enable interception.

Benefits of Thermal Screening Solutions

Accurate face tracking in real time

A face recognition algorithm is used to accurately measure the temperature of a persons face.

Multiple detections at once

Up to 40 target temperatures measured at once at a distance of 3-5 metres.

Contactless temperature measurement

Face recognition algorithm is used to locate the temperature to the target fast and precisely even at a greater distance.

Highly accurate temperature detection

Modified ≤0.3ºC (emissivity, distance, ambient temperature, etc.)

Handheld Thermographic Cameras

Handheld thermographic cameras are specially designed for temperature measurement. They are equipped for both medical and industrial application and are equipped with a 160×120 resolution thermal detector. It helps the staff to conduct contactless screening to assist in the decision making for quarantining and ensure safety. The device is also used in various industries, such as Building, HVAC, and automobiles.


  • Keeps safe a distance between the operator and the target person, reduce the risk of decrease transmission.
  • Higher efficiency, more suitable for flow of the fast-moving crowd.
  • Able to preserve the screenshot of potential risky target person as an evidence

Turret/Bullet Thermal Cameras

The wide range of turret/bullet cameras that offer high-temperature reading with accuracy comes with 160 and 348 thermal resolution range for fever scanning that can detect the elevated body temperature to make the preliminary screening at the entrances of the building to allow access control. Thermal cameras are an ideal solution to be installed at the places with a queued passage.


  • Supports simultaneous temperature screening of multiple people, greatly enhancing efficiency.
  • Supports AI face detection, multiple targets screening at the same time.
  • Contactless screening and it can be integrated with CCTV or access control system.
  • Temperature exception audio alarm to notify the operator in time.

Access Control Camera

Using Facial Recognition and accurate temperature readings, easily monitor your employee’s access at any time. Thanks to its backlight management with its WDR and in conjunction with the Instant Face Recognition algorithm (500ms), you can have a precise face reading and avoid false alarms. Detection can be done even if using a face mask. Register up to 22,400 faces in the database. The camera will issue an audible alert if a person’s temperature is too high.


  • Automatic no-contact temperature reading & face recognition efficient and effective.
  • Detecting people without wearing mask, push alarm message.
  • Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol integration with third party platform.
  • Professional face recognition algorithm with high accuracy, recognition time ~500ms.
  • Adjustable exposure on moving object, under strong backlight environment.
  • High Resolution Display.

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This product is not intended to diagnose or monitor any medical condition or illness, and should not be used as such. The product is supplied as a first-line filter for organizations that wish to identify those entering premises who may have an elevated body temperature. It is then for the organization to determine how that information is used, and the appropriate reaction to that information. Competent medical advice should be sought if there are concerns around illness, and further checks will be required.

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