What is Device on Subscription (DOS)?

Device on Subscription (DOS) or Service as a Service is the newest form of service launched in UAE by technology pioneers Sharaf DG. This service empowers businesses in the UAE especially, SMB’s & SME’s to give their IT infrastructure a new life by refreshing their technology without hurting their budget. In simple words, consider Device on Subscription (DOS) as a rental or leasing option where you do not have to commit to the monthly payment, where you can pause your monthly billing when you are not in need of devices or where you could add & remove devices without thinking twice on how would it impact your company’s budget. Read on further to know more about Device on Subscription (DOS).

Why Choose DOS?

Latest IT Technology

Our hardware is built to help your business perform at its best with industry-leading features and latest innovation.

Up-to-date Software

Optimize productivity and protect your business with the most advanced operating system and office software.

Lifecycle Care Services

Enjoy peace of mind with expert IT support that spans every stage of the device lifecycle from installation, troubleshooting to decommissioning

Steps To Get Started

Our Technical Sales Consultant will help you design your machine as per your business requirement and will help you place the order.

Upon successful order submission, you will receive a call from Sharaf DG for configuration confirmation and appointment for delivery.

On the agreed date, our IT specialist will connect with you device(s) installation, configuration, data migration and set up of user profile data.

Contact our dedicated Device As A Service hotline for any issues, support or scale-up requirements.

Ensure fleet efficiency with onsite field services, asset management, security, and more.

Return/Refresh the PC at the end of the term or buy it out by paying nominal one time fee.

Common Misconceptions

Hardware as OPEX or CAPEX? Get educated on the facts.

The monthly expenses add up to be more expensive.

DAAS model actually saves your cost, so you can invest on growing your business. With your IT support needs covered, you can avoid unexpected, out-of-pocket repair expenses. With a monthly subscription model, you can save on a hefty upfront payment. More importantly, you get to keep the device(s).

BI don’t need IT support every month, but I’m paying for it.

Hardware or software downtime can greatly impact your business productivity and cost your company more in the long run. With DAAS, IT support is just a call away. Besides a 9/5 helpdesk, we also provide on-site support from a team of trained IT specialists to protect your business from unnecessary downtime.

It's better to own the device than to use it on a subscription basis.

Keeping pace with technological upgrades is costly when you consider your IT device lifecycle. DAAS lets you refresh and own both your hardware and software at the end of the contract whilst paying a low monthly subscription, so your business can take advantage of the latest in IT technology and stay ahead.

I can get my hardware from any supplier, not just Sharaf DG.

With Sharaf DG, you not only get a more cost-effective all-in-one tech solution, you also save on your other business needs as well.

Price Calculator

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