Data Wiping Services

We can help you securely erase data and destroy devices with our comprehensive data wiping services.

We can help you securely erase data and destroy devices with our comprehensive data wiping services

Why choose our data wiping service?

The security of your data and software is paramount. At DG Business, we want to ensure that it cannot be recovered if the equipment is reused. This is especially important as we are committed to IT recycling and keeping as much hardware out of landfill as possible.

Our secure data erasing services

We can help you ensure that sensitive data such as intellectual property, private documents, emails, financial data, health records and other critical information are securely wiped from storage data erasure service provides organizations with a fast and certified method to completely remove data from hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state devices (SSDs), and backup tapes. Our media erasure techniques meet or exceed all government and other established global standards for data sanitization.

Benefits of our data wiping services

Secure disk wiping

The process erases your data by rewriting over it seven times and has become one of the world’s most common and trusted methods for erasing data.

On-site destruction

To give you extra peace of mind, we can destroy all hard drives on-site in front of you. This is done by punching a hole through the hard drive, using three tonnes of force.

Erasing software data

Using completely certified and approved data-erasing software, we can completely wipe the data from your hard drives.

Magnetic and optical media disposal

Using secure locked bins, we transport your backup media to the point of incineration using our security-cleared staff and vehicles.

Our Services

Erasure Verification Services

Our Erasure Verification Service provides individuals, companies, manufacturers, and government agencies a written report detailing the effectiveness of their data sanitisation process.We thoroughly examine components that commercial software products are unable to access. Once we verify your erasure process, you can repeat it with confidence. If our data recovery experts can’t find your data, then no one else will.

A secure data destruction process helps to:

  • Prevent theft of sensitive data.
  • Have a good control of sensitive internal data.
  • To meet regulatory compliance

Degaussing magnetic media

An alternating current (AC) bulk eraser (degausser) is used for complete erasure of data and other signals on magnetic media. Degaussing is a process where magnetic media is exposed to a powerful, alternating magnetic field. Degaussing removes any previously written data, leaving the media in a magnetically randomized (blank) state. The degausser must subject the media to an alternating magnetic field of sufficient intensity to saturate the media and then by slowly withdrawing or reducing the field, the magnetic media is left in a magnetically neutral state.


  • Destroys 100% of data with a powerful magnetic field.
  • Completely destroys all magnetic devices, even if they are damaged.
  • Each storage device takes four seconds to process.
  • Devices rendered completely inoperable after use.

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