Efficiency Determines Winners

At the center of our infrastructure consulting is a proven methodology that aligns with recognized best practices such as ITIL. This ensures that we align our solutions with customer’s business need, and serves as a platform to plan and implement the solution with compliance to demonstrate and measure the improvements

Managed Services

Our IT solutions carve the path for organizations to modernize infrastructure and optimize workflow like never before. This service provides a wide variety of technological capabilities to boost efficiencies, enhance security and allow infinite scalability for future growth. With this resource and our expertise, we’ll help maximize your organization’s productivity.

Improve Business Resilience, IT Efficiency and Cost Predictability with Device on Subscription (DoS)

Device on Subscription (DoS) delivers a modern service model that simplifies how commercial organizations equip their employees with the right hardware and accessories, fleet management, and lifecycle services to get the job done.

Consider this service as devices on Rent or Devices on Lease but with a complete package of Hardware, Windows 10, Office 365, Antivirus, IT Support & Hardware Support to jumpstart your business.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Sharaf DG’s Annual Maintenance Contract services provide with various options to ensure that your IT department is up and running. Being one of the emerging IT service providers, we promote technology as a facilitator to your business. Our pool of multitalented certified engineers enables us to provide optimum IT support services for your system.

Datacenter Solutions

We understand the technical and commercial aspects involved in Data Centre projects. Our converged approach combines strategy and business requirements with the key disciplines of IT, Critical Systems Engineering, Disaster Recovery, Security and operational excellence. Along with the industry knowledge of experience in this complex field, we act as trusted advisers, providing our clients with innovative solutions as a trusted advisor for their Data Centre requirements

Networking Solutions

Your business needs a network that enables you to seize opportunities quickly in both local and global markets and when it comes to implementing or enhancing a solution to connect your workforce, increase their productivity and maintain a high level of performance, you can rely on us as a recognized networking and security experts.

IT Security Solutions

Our Sales Consultants understand, advice and manage all of your information security needs. They are backed by our world-class presales team and will assist you through the decision-making process, helping you to identify the right solution based on your custom requirements. Choose us for comprehensive solution knowledge and experience to improve your business and IT capabilities.

Physical Security Solutions

The requirement for premise monitoring has become mandatory in current times. Once considered a luxury, electronic security and safety is today no longer so. It is nothing short of a cost-effective necessity for every business.
We have in-depth experience and resources in Physical Security Solutions which help us offer you security solutions at affordable prices. Our line of products comes with tailor-made solutions for a variety of premises.

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