End User Computing

DG Business offers customized workspace services that significantly improve End user Experience, productivity, processes and security across your company and has the experience of handling 100,000 End User Devices, 24,000+ Managed Devices, 20,000+ Managed WiFi, 2000+ Servers, and over 10,000 Network Devices (Routers, Switches and Firewall).

Improve productivity, processes and security

End User Computing is a contracted service that provides computer support, both desk-side and remote, to individuals and departments across the Company. DG Business services saved a leading service provider 40% in annual support and maintenance costs, and increased a Financial Service firm's business transactions by 30%. Put us to work to tackle your IT challenges.

Comprehensive and Managed End User Computing

It’s a common thought, End-user computing is an expensive but unavoidable reality of business. With fluctuating costs, expanding lists of devices and applications to manage and no way of forecasting when problems will arise or the resources needed to counter them. Our Services provides a solution to dispel those thoughts, while reducing the time, expense and headache of end-user management and IT support. With our experienced teams and world-class technology infrastructure, We can take care of your business and employees.

We provide on-site, off-site and on-demand, managed end-user computing services and IT support to ensure that your people can continue to perform at their best, including:

Digital Workplace

Our Service Desk allows organizations to focus on core business, avoid unnecessary expense and distraction, while providing first-class service and IT performance to employees and customers.

Remote infrastructure management

PC management is the process of managing, monitoring and optimizing a computer system for performance, availability, security and/or any base operational requirement.


DG Business can help companies reduce costs while simplifying and improving user experience with a customized DaaS solution with set monthly costs.

Managed Print Services

A managed print solution that hits one of business’s biggest office expenses, DG Business brings enterprise-level thinking to SMBs, providing the ideal hardware, software, consumables and IT support within economical monthly budget plans

Mobile Device Management

Monitor, manage and secure employees' mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization.

Desktop Virtualization

Enabling secure anywhere, anyplace, anytime access and allowing more than one desktops on same hardware

Check out the latest and Most Modern Computing Devices which all Successful companies are using to enhance their business

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