Office 365 Migration

By partnering with the expert Office 365 migration consultants at DG Business, we can ensure your company's transition to the cloud is efficient, on time and on budget.

Why choose DG Business

Microsoft certified IT engineers at DG Business are experts in Office 365 migrations whether it be from onsite exchange servers or migrating from G-Suite. We have already helped thousands of people realize the benefits of the Microsoft cloud.

We wll make sure you get the most out of Microsoft Office 365 and help you initiate and support your cloud journey.

Our Services includes but not limited to:

  • Pre-migration activities
  • Integration with other cloud solutions
  • Post-migration training
  • Post-migration support
  • Cloud license and account management

Boost Productivity. Reduce IT Costs.

An Office 365 migration service lets you take full advantage of the platform and get the most out of your investment. Here are some of the benefits our Office 365 Migration services:

Go Mobile And Work From Anywhere

Office 365 makes reviewing, editing, analyzing, and presenting documents possible with a consistent user experience optimized for your team’s preferred mobile devices.

Collaboration Made Easy

Real-time co-authoring in SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote make it possible for organizations to edit documents in real-time.

Knowing Your Data Is Safe

Office 365’s built-in safeguard and privacy features scans incoming and outgoing content for sophisticated attacks, unsafe attachments, and malicious links.

Reduce IT Costs Through Scalability

Office 365 gives organizations the ability to implement a steady rollout so that your team can adapt to new streamlined solutions at your own pace.

Simplify Your Life

Decrease the cost, holes in security, and limited scalability that comes with using fragmented and stand-alone applications.


Office 365 synchronises data in near real time, meaning the cloud keeps an exact copy of what you see on your device. This allows all your devices (phones, PC’s and tablets) to keep an identical copy of your mailbox up to date.

Office 365 Migration Models

How does cutover migration work?

We move all the data, mailboxes and features located on-premises or in the cloud to Office 365 at one go. This migration method fits deployments that don’t contain large bulks of content.

Advantages of cutover migration.

Simplest migration methods available.

Compatibility with legacy Exchange servers starting with Exchange 2003.

No need for syncing passwords.

Distribution groups, contacts, and other items are also migrated.

How does staged migration work?

We split the migration process into several stages and migrate solutions and their contents in small batches. This is the right migration option for large deployments containing a variety of custom solutions, integrations, diversified content and features.

Advantages of staged migration.

Maximum flexibility in moving the accounts.

Minimizes the chances of being stuck with tight deadlines.

Reduces disruption of major business services for end-users.

The batch sizes can be managed for optimal performance.

How does hybrid migration work?

We distribute the migrated data and services between an on-premises and cloud deployment to ensure comfortable work in both environments. Hybrid migration suits companies that aren’t ready to move to the cloud completely due to compliance constraints or internal policies.

Advantages of hybrid migration.

Secure connection between on-premises and Office 365 accounts.

Shared domain name, calendar, username and password for both accounts.

Integrated control for on-premises and Office 365 accounts.

Message tracking, MailTips, and multi-mailbox search features for both accounts.

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