The banking and reconciliation functionality ‘VAT in a Box’ powered by SAP Business delivers a streamlined financial management solution for businesses. Effectively manage all incoming and outgoing payments with ease. Process all payment types including credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash, and bank transfers. Accurately reconcile accounts with full automation options.

The payment wizard allows you to clear multiple accounts receivable and accounts payable invoices in batch mode for Cheque and bank transfers. Payments are executed according to your selection criteria and payment method, such as Cheque, bank transfer, credit card, or cash, and then journal entry transactions are posted automatically once the process is completed. You can process external bank statements to generate incoming and outgoing payments and to reconcile your balance sheet accounts. In addition, you can use a reconciliation engine to match payments that are not reconciled automatically, such as payments made “on account,” by opening items either automatically or manually and filtering by general ledger account or by business partner.

‘VAT in a Box’ is powered by SAP Business One application helps streamline your inventory management processes. It can help manage detailed warehouse data, optimize stock locations, track and record stock movements, and execute orders. The software’s warehouse and inventory management features provide reliable information about inbound and outbound ship-mints as well as current inventory levels so you can cost-effectively manage your supply chain and increase customer satisfaction. You can keep track of product inventory, quantity at each warehouse, movement history, and stocking status from your desktop or mobile device. Automatically values each goods movement and cost and price change, eliminating any need for manual interaction and reducing associated errors and their costs.

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Now you can create purchase orders in few steps and minutes, which can be sent directly to the vendor with requests for purchase quotations. To ensure timely delivery of goods, you can create purchase orders from sales orders. Purchase orders support multiple currencies and item categories, such as materials or services along with �VAT� taxation automatically added to the same. When a purchase order item is entered, predefined price lists and discounts can be applied automatically. Shipping and billing information can be entered, giving your vendor all the data necessary to process your order. Taxes are automatically calculated and applied to reflect shipping location.