Today, IT Pros Face Problems from Every Direction

Now there’s a platform that helps solve them all.

Intel vPro® Platform Benefits


Get a premium computing experience with optimized performance and battery life for increased productivity.


Help protect your business with endpoint security features that have a deeper layer of built-in protection.


Powerful PC management now possible with remote management solutions.


Experience improved stability to help simplify PC lifecycle complexity.

Built for Business Innovation

Transform computing endpoints into strategic corporate assets by selecting devices built on the Intel vPro® platform.

Simplify Remote Management

Save time and reduce on-site support costs with remote discovery and recovery with Intel® Active Management Technology – even in cases of power loss or OS failure.

PC Lifecycle Management with Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (Intel® SIPP)

Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) enables a predictable transition from one technology generation to the next.

Intel® Hardware Shield Helps Provide a Secure Platform Foundation

Hackers are looking for new areas of the PC to attack, including the BIOS. Intel® Hardware Shield, exclusive to the Intel vPro® platform, helps reduce the attack surface of the BIOS and protect your mobile workforce, no matter where they take their PC.

Not Your Traditional Memory

Close the gap between traditional memory and storage with Intel® Optane™ memory, a standalone memory device that is different from all the rest. It streamlines your computing experience by combining storage capacity and intelligent system acceleration. You get both speed and capacity—all at a low price.

What Is Intel® Optane™ Memory?

From system startup to application launching, Intel® Optane™ memory is smart technology that personalizes and accelerates your computing experience on Intel® Core™-based PCs. It learns your most frequently used documents, images, videos, and applications; keeps them handy for quick access; and remembers them—even after powering off the PC.

Intel® Optane Memory Is Built for Your Needs

Intel® Optane Memory H10 with Solid State Storage

Intel® Core vPro® processor-based laptops help employees at the law firm - Lancaster, Brooks & Welch LLP to be mobile, efficient, and productive, delivering exceptional customer service.

Intel® Optane Memory M10

Intel® Optane™ memory M10 accelerates existing large local storage capacity (SATA based HDDs) to provide personalized and responsive SSD-like performance.

Collaborate from Anywhere — Without Wires or Delays

See how the new Intel Unite® solution improves content sharing and collaboration. Easy for IT to manage, easy for users to connect securely — anytime, anywhere.

The Intel Unite® solution lets you easily create and manage a secure content sharing and collaboration platform for your organization. Wirelessly connect displays, employees, and mixed technology environments so your team can share and collaborate seamlessly, wherever they are.

Open Platform

The Intel Unite® solution works with what you have, connecting all major devices, OSs, and displays. Plugins from the Intel Unite® app showcase let you easily add existing tools and functionality, like Skype for Business, Zoom, in-room controls, whiteboarding, and more.

More Secure and Manageable

Based on an Intel vPro® platform hub computer, the Intel Unite® solution can be remotely managed like any other computer in your environment. All content shared on the platform is fully encrypted with 256-bit SSL and access codes refresh frequently for added security.

Seamless User Experience

Users can join, share files, and switch presenters with a click. And each connected display can support up to four shared screens. Meetings start-up faster and run more smoothly, keeping everyone's focus where it's needed most.

Improving Collaboration and Productivity Across Industries


Connect your team — wherever they are — share content, collaborate, and capture ideas without the usual connectivity hassles. Waste less time and get more out of meetings across your enterprise with the Intel Unite® solution.


Promote immersive learning, engage students 1:1, and reach them more meaningfully with the Intel Unite® solution for learning spaces. With no ongoing subscription fees, it’s a cost-effective way to make the most of your existing technology.


More securely share charts and medical reports with patients and consult with team members, no matter where they are. The Intel Unite® solution provides an easy-to-implement collaboration platform for healthcare professionals that supports better patient care and caregiver experiences.

Intel vPro Platform TCO Estimator

Discover the potential savings from deploying computing endpoints based on the Intel® vPro™ platform.