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Acquiring new customers is the most important activity for any business. Growth of business determines on how quickly you can acquire the customers in a competitive market. Currently you’re managing your customers with the help of the tools like word or excel. But in the long run it will be difficult in managing the customer. But with the sales and opportunity module, now you can completely manage the customer from the quotation stage till the sales order and beyond. Its integrated functionality provides a complete view of the prospects and customers so you can better understand and meet their needs. The modules becomes the most crucial and integral part of your business.

Efficiently manage your activities through different stages in the sales cycle. Schedule and receive reminders for phone calls, meetings, and assigned tasks. Record any activity along with detailed notes and link it to customers, vendors, and leads from your desktop or mobile device. Synchronize your activities in the solution with your personal schedule in Microsoft Outlook to manage your tasks with clarity. The sales opportunity functionality lets you manage the entire sales process, as well as forecast revenue potential, and analyze sales outcomes. When you enter new opportunities with information about potential sales volumes, customers, specific competitors, expected closing dates, and sales stages, the application immediately calculates projected gross profit and revenue. As the opportunity progresses through sales stages and new data is entered, the expected profit and revenue calculations are updated dynamically.

All your quotes re predefined with VAT configurations, every quote going out of the system has the VAT tax calculated. Go straight from a closed deal to the sales order once a sales opportunity has been won, you can create a sales order from it directly without having to reenter data .You can see the movement of goods in and out of your business and check the availability of ordered products in real time, because the software updates accounting data and inventory levels automatically. When necessary, the version of the application powered by SAP HANA provides the flexibility to reschedule orders dynamically. This enables you to deliver goods to your customers as promised and maintain high customer satisfaction. The application provides a variety of templates for business documents, such as quotations, order confirmations, and billings. This means you can create business documents and send them to your prospects and customers using standard PDF or other commonly used formats.

Integrate Microsoft Outlook and mobile technology. By taking advantage of the synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and ‘VAT in a Box’, you can access customer and sales information through Microsoft Outlook even when you’re offline. This also lets you syn-chronize calendars and activities and import customer data from ‘VAT in a Box’ into your Microsoft Outlook contacts list. And, when using the SAP Business One mobile app, you can synchronize this information on your device..

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We follow template based methodology. Its purpose is to help design SAP implementation in the most efficient manner possible. The goal is to effectively optimize time, people, quality and other resources, using a proven methodology to implementation. Our objective is to complete the deployment maximum 2 weeks. Phase of template based methodology focuses on tools and training, wrapped up in a five-phase process oriented road map for guiding implementation. The road map is composed of well-known consecutive phases

For us what matters is how we can nurture the relationships and grow along with you. It is not possible to grow with you, if we can’t offer you world class support when you are in real need. We always look for best available solution for the issue you have raised. We offer world class most professional support along with specified SLA’s. Our technical certified team will help you in stipulated time to overcome the issue. So that you can manage your business efficiently and effectively. More details on SLA’s are mentioned in the support page.

Now you can create purchase orders in few steps and minutes, which can be sent directly to the vendor with requests for purchase quotations. To ensure timely delivery of goods, you can create purchase orders from sales orders. Purchase orders support multiple currencies and item categories, such as materials or services along with ‘VAT’ taxation automatically added to the same. When a purchase order item is entered, predefined price lists and discounts can be applied automatically. Shipping and billing information can be entered, giving your vendor all the data necessary to process your order. Taxes are automatically calculated and applied to reflect shipping location.